Friday, June 21, 2013

Turkey Trails

Some say that turkeys don't have brains; that they're 'stupid.' I guess you could say that they have a bad case of bird brains. Yes, they're dorky, somewhat resemble certain politicians, make a sounds like 'Derp!' and remind me of dinosaurs. Despite the odds stacked against them, they're smarter than they're given credit for.

It all started with the fencing guys replacing and expanding part of the chicken yard. One corner of the fence is included in part of the pasture that the derp-derps were in. Let's just say that I forgot about the little fence issue that morning while doing the turkey chores, and they were quick to find the lack of a barricade. They couldn't have been happier. They trilled and chirped their way around the house, barn, and yard. The chicken also didn't have an enclosure, so they were relishing their new-found morning freedom as well. Things were rather noisy, as you could imagine.

We thought that the dino-birds would hang around their pasture since they hadn't really had the opportunity to roam. But then, we couldn't find them. It was all hands on deck to find Thanksgiving dinners #1-14. We checked the road heading up to the neighbor's, we looked in the someday vineyard, we scanned the service road and the some-day vineyard. Nothing. Eli was unimpressed with our turkey searching skills, so he headed up the hill to conduct his own. The next thing we hear, "I FOUND THEM!"

Take a guess as to the turkeys' whereabouts. Just take a guess. Yep, they were in their pasture trilling and chirping like nothing happened.

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