Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Farm Girl Fancy"

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Life on a farm equals a life of dirty fingernails, poop on your boots, slobber on your pants, hay in your hair, and a light spray of wet dog on your shirt, with a few flecks of mud on your face if it's been an especially productive day!:) 

Once you head indoors you can replace that mud with dough from kneading bread, strawberry jam instead of wet dog, and flour instead of hay. Phew! What a day!

It's very easy to NOT want to put too much effort into your personal appearance with a farmgirl's daily routine. What's the use?

Well, we owe it to ourselves and to our husbands to keep a little pretty and femininity in the barnyard! Just because our days are not glamorous doesn't mean we have to be as unglamorous as shoveling manure is!

I wrestled with this problem recently. I found myself living in t-shirts, jeans, and muck boots. How was I supposed to be feminine and still collect eggs, clean the pig pen, weed the garden etc. etc. etc. in a skirt or a dress? Sounds like a whole lot-a trouble to get all gussied up just to visit the animals.

Skirts and dresses has never been my thing to begin with, but I really felt the Lord leading me to strive to be more feminine in my dress. 

I gathered inspiration to help me be a more feminine farm girl from around the web.

If your a farm girl desiring to be more feminine in your barnyard and in the field here is some farm girl fancy inspiration............




From The Fancy Farm Girl, petticoats and aprons!

This post is quoted directly from The Chick 'n Coop:

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