Monday, May 23, 2011

Right on Cue

Right on Cue

All of it has led up to this moment-

All the late nights,

All the practicing,

All the secrecy.

It has all led up to this moment-

Walking out onto the dance floor.

There's the signal; honor your partner

The music begins

Nervous butterflies have multiplied exponentially -

So many people are watching...

Musn't miss a step, musn't miss a cue.

Centered in the ballroom under the chandelier,

We continue on despite distrations.

All of this work, fine-tuning, perfecting -

I can't blow it all to the wind now -

I must continue on.

Be sure to breathe,

Be sure to not be sturn or serious;

Graceful should be my movements.

I am dancing - this is what I love to do -

I just haven't danced in an environment quite like this before.

I must continue on; it will be over in an instant.

I can't back out now; I must finish the dance.

All right on cue...

-SG 5/21/11


So, now that I have been released from my oath to silence and have some time to fill you in on some very important details from our "Epic May Ball Prank"... I guess it's time to blog it and share it with the whole world.

To get some sense of what we did... See this movie.

To explain what the heck is going on...

Last September, we went on a camping trip - in the pouring rain. As harmless as it seemed, I think Sonia seriously wounded Nathan's pride by sticking rubber duckies in front of him while blaring the rubber duckie song (you do remember the rubber duckie song, right?). He took his time to retaliate.

The master plan consisted of a secret dance society and the main demo dance group (two people had no clue what was about to happen to them). We met secretly while working on the dance to help Nathan know the dance. He was going to switch in the middle with Daniel and dance with Sonia. (Side note: Nathan made it quite clear to everyone that he would never dance.)

So we practiced in secret while also trying to appear clueless when we practiced with the main demo group. Quite interesting I must say. And there were several times that someone also spilled the beans. No one caught on though.

The night of the ball arrived. The demo team was ready. The switch had been practiced to perfection and was executed perfectly. The faces of the two people who had been left in the dark were absolutely priceless. Actually, I think that their jaws hit the floor for a moment. Meanwhile the rest of us had to try to keep the dance together even though we were all about to burst into laughter (keep in mind, we were still 'performing').

All in all, it was taken quite well. Humorously in fact. We shall see what becomes of the prank war.


Well... sorry that I haven't posted in quite a long time! o_O I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I didn't get raptured, but I have been living it up quite a bit these past couple of weeks. To the point of exhaustion. Let's see... Last weekend, I taught the home ec class all afternoon, stayed up late partying at a graduation party turned game night, stayed awake during the sermon at church, attended a going away party, and then immediately turned around and crashed another party right across town (we sorta came uninvited to a b-day party to call some dances for the b-day girl). Yep, I can see how that weekend alone would whoop somebody to the ground.

But apparently, I'm a social butterfly. I didn't stop with one weekend. I had to go for two. This last weekend started Thursday night. We went to dance class and then took the party to DQ. Friday, we got up early, freaked out about cougar sightings, got turkeys situated at their new home, and headed off to Sauvie Island for a picnic lunch on the beach - only the river was so high there wasn't much beach. We then went to a friend's to watch "Father Goose," eat chocolate fudge icecream and chocolate dipped strawberries. On Saturday, I opted out of going to the beach, because my goodness, things do have to get done around the house and farm. Late that afternoon, we got ready for the ball, ate pizza dinner as daintily as possible to not get our dresses smudged with tomato sauce, then headed off to the Count of Monte Cristo Ball. Cue pictures:

The count himself came to the ball! :D

Dancing, dancing!

Ooh! Pretty dresses!

Some lovely ladies. I'll do a seperate post detailing my dress. :)

Okay, story time. Prank wars tend to get intricately elaborate. This last prank involved almost a dozen people. Most of whom were sworn to secrecy. The below picture is the group after the prank. I guess I'll have to do another post detailing this as well. :)

After the ball, we headed to Sheri's to keep the pary going. Got home at exactly 12:05.

The next morning I managed to stay awake during the sermon - again. :) I was quite proud of myself. But the weekend was far from over. Sunday afternoon, the group headed to the near by mall to do a photo scavenger hunt. Here are some of the pictures from the team I was on.

Men in Apple store = waiting...

Can you guess which movie this is from? v

We can fit way more than two people in this thing. >:D

Hollywood star = being famous = signing autographs. Nice glasses by the way.

Our uncreative, but cute, human pyramid.

Camping! In the store!

When I was a little kid, I liked to play in the clothes racks. I finally emerged after getting lost in the men's clothing department.

Group Shot! :D

So now... I think I'll enjoy a quite week at home. As far as I know, the calender is empty for next weekend. Let's see how fast it can fill up.