Friday, June 14, 2013

Trimming Troubles

The lawn was about a foot tall. That was several weeks ago.
So we tried to fire up the old(er) mower, but it wouldn't even sputter to life. It's dead, Jim.

Since no one in the clan is overly handy with machinery repair, we heaved it into the back of the pickup and headed down the hill. After they did some basic tune-ups, we brought it home and gave it a test run. After 1 1/2 laps around the yard, it started to lose power. :face palm:

So we loaded it up into the truck again. While waiting for repairs to be made, we made do with using the line trimmer and brush mower to hack the lawn to a tolerable height. 

What was the matter with it this time? The transmission. I guess you learn something new every day - riding lawn mowers have transmissions. And they're not cheap. After deliberating between getting a new mower and getting our old one fixed, we banked on a new tranny.

Well, it came back home this afternoon, and we took it for a test spin around the yard. It purred and happily trimmed the lawn to as even as it could with all the mole hills and tunnels. Hopefully it keeps trimming for a long time. ;)

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