Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Literary Ball

I had a sudden urge to write something and a 3rd person journal entry about the literary ball is what I came up with. :)

Not too long ago in a land not so far away, a special invitation was received for an upcoming ball. The theme was literary, so come as a favorite author or character of a book. But there are so many books out there, how was she to decide? Of course it was going to be a fancy event, so plans were underway about what to wear and how the ride to the ball was to be procured.

It was the day of the ball, and everyone had a great sense of anticipation. How shall I do my hair? Do I really want to wear that? She pondered the entire morning along with many other questions buzzing around in her brain. But these thoughts had to be quiet for a while so she could finish her chores in time. As she was cleaning in the barn, someone (who shall remain nameless for their sake) accidentally stepped on the shut-off valve to the enormous water tank, allowing the 2500 gallons to gush forth. Adrenalin rushed and emergency mode kicking in almost instantaneously, everyone jumped in to save the barn from Noah’s second flood. Hours later, sore and tired, she was ready for the day to end, but it couldn’t – the ball was that night.

After finally deciding what to wear (a green and gold renaissance gown), hair done up with a pretty ribbon and curls, fixed the immodest neckline, and the epiphany that she was Queen Susan from Narnia, she was ready to go – with an hour to go until her ride pulled up. What to do? Cinderella syndrome kicked in as Mom assigned some chores. Up the drive way came the carpool (after the chores were finished) and the group set off in the pouring rain to the ball.

The ballroom was the perfect environment for the event: elegant chandeliers hanging from a high ceiling, antique hard-wood flooring, lights and tulle draping from the chandeliers and wrapping around the wooden columns, and an abundance of sweet treats (which was very important to her brother). For hours and hours everyone danced the olden dances from times long past and the evening swept by in an instant as she blinked. Did it have to over so soon? No.

People still lingered, long after the main part of the event was over and it was nearing 11, and brisk swings and elegant waltzes were danced. Sadly, there were never enough young men who were interested in waltzing, so she contented herself with attempting to dance the man’s part of the waltz. It truly was attempting. The two young ladies could not figure out what the other was doing, so they both stepped back to see what the other was doing. Her friend showed her what she was doing, and she started to show her friend what she was doing. Just as she was getting into step, a young man, whom she had never met, suddenly swept her into the dance floor in a waltz. Bewildered and trying to utilize what little she knew of a waltz, they danced the rest of the song together, and it was over almost as soon as it had started. Perhaps I’m dreaming. This only happens in fairy tales, right? was all she kept thinking.

All this, and the night was far from over! With all the sound equipment picked up and the ballroom cleaned up, some of the die-hard party goers made their way to a local restaurant. It was midnight, and it wasn’t the car that turned into a pumpkin. She certainly didn’t need any help from a sugary milkshake to show signs of extreme drowsiness. An hour past midnight and the carpool decided that they should head home.

As they came up the drive way, it was immediately apparent that the electricity was out due to the violent storm, and at the front door, they were greeted by a sleepy mother holding a flashlight. After changing into her nightclothes, she quietly slipped into bed and blew out the votive in the lantern. It was the perfect end to a literary ball.

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Please, sir, I want some more"

But wait! there's more! Well, yes there is almost always more when it comes to telemarketers, but not always with pictures. Fortunately, a friend posted more pictures! Here's some of my personal favorites. :)

And the dance list. Well... part of it.

I didn't know that Santa danced... ;D

The Spanish Waltz! Yeah, it's one of my favorites. Cha cha cha!
More Spanish Waltzing

The level of sanity drastically drops after midnight. We even had a Stig sighting.
And here's a movie of the night!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never underestimate the power of books

Or a home schooler's knowledge of them! Last night was a wonderful night, filled with dancing, friends, more dancing, and did I say dancing?

Group shot!

So many pretty costumes!

Could it be the Stig? No, it's the Stig's Dancing Cousin!

I even had a personal body guard. :nods:

An Admiral
Sherlock Holmes!
Yes, it was an amazing night. :sigh: Did it have to end? No. After dancing for HOURS, we dared to venture for yet another outing: Sheri's. At midnight. Haha! Yeah, you can call me crazy because the next morning I was playing music for church. Anyways... It has been raining very heavily for the last 12 hours, so there was lots of water all over the place. I'd like to see you hop over gigantic puddles in a floor lenghth dress with a little bit of a train on the skirt. ;) Yes, it was interesting to say the least as I tried to make my way to the restaurant. I got some strange looks from some people standing outside (Creepers! AAHHH!). I think I was the one to turn into a pumpkin at midnight, because I started getting super giggle-y... Some of you know how bad that can get. ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A Psalm
Truly the days are glorious when with the Lord,
Where a blissful summer day of the sould is found.
Everything has a delicate beauty;
Nothing can be seen as ugly -
A gorgeous flower in the field,
A precious baby asleep in its cradle.
The joyous laughter from a contented child,
The melodious song of a bird at dawn.
The breeze of a summer evening,
The glorious singing of pure worship in the morn.
A taste of the most succulent, fresh fruit,
The satisfaction of a fulfilling devotion.
Truly every gift from the Lord is beautiful,
Every gift of the Lord is precious indeed.

Written by Sarah G

We are given glimspes of heaven in our everyday lives. Just open your eyes and you will see them.

Monday, October 11, 2010


A friend of mine posted more pictures on FB! Here's a few of my favorites!

I don't know if I posted this already, but it's a cool picture

More Flap Jack Flipping!

And more line dancing! Can't quite tell what Dad is doing though. ;)

And a special presentation of the Texan Terrorist. 


It's time for a hoe down!!! 

Yes, we like to goof off. ;)

Trueness to goodness! We're just goofing off!

"See that cute guy!" :giggle giggle: Oh, nevermind.

What's a hoe down without dancing?

Meet Manny

A perfect couple!

He's my cousin, trice removed.

Paper lanterns!

So proper. ;)

pumpkin toss!

The first and second place winners of the ladies' Flap Jack Flippin' Frenzy
Thanks for enjoying it with me!