Monday, May 18, 2009

The Silent Stalker...

It all began with a very typical family dinner last night when my brother went to get more food (as usual with teenage guys!). Then he started running for the closest weapon he could find mumbling something about a coyote... Everyone was up in a millisecond running for any pair of shoes we could find.

To give you some insight to the scenario we have to go back to the fact that we have chickens, and coyotes love to pass by and grab a bite to eat. It's all part of the food chain, but when your coyote buddy decides to come by every couple of days, your flock starts looking a little thinned...

So back to the story... The entire family (All seven of us) are outside running around chasing some fearless, invivible foe. Guess we need to get to know our field a little better! But we all knew where the canine was headed - to the back of the field where there's a break in the fence (and a well used trail by now!).

Anyway, end of story! Our neighbors already think that we're crazy, because this event isn't anything new... we do strange things often!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The First Step

So I finally did it. I started my own blog. Never would have thought that I would do this, and yet here I am. The first post is definately the hardest (or so I've heard). You take the first step in essentially creating something that is a journal of everything you do! And it's a blank page. You can make it however you want, take it where ever you want it to go. Words have that sort of strange power.

There! I did it! I wrote my first post! =D