Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of Edibles and Finals

After finishing the finals for the term, I got to bring home all these lovelies from my propagation class. Apples, figs, kiwis, herbs, and grapes, oh my! 
And this doesn't even include all the microgreens that I got to bring home as well! 

So I scoured the greenhouse on campus looking for my plants, loaded them up into the backseat of my sedan (yay for rubber floor mats!), and headed home. The skies were blue, the trees are all in bloom, the grass is green again, and the wild mustard covers the hillsides with a blanket of yellow. The classical radio station was playing lively string quartets all the way home (nothing else was on the radio). It was a good way to derazzle from studying for finals. Now onward to spring break and getting these guys into the garden!

Until next time!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Orchard Installation

A BIG box came to the front door filled with fruit trees. Then Dad and Oma headed out to the 'plant mobil' on Saturday morning to pick up even more trees! 'Tis time to put in the orchard. 

But let me back up here for a moment. For years, we (meaning Dad) have been pondering about what to put in the south 3/4 acre field. He staked that part of the property as his. There will be no touching or planning his territory (but I didn't see any flags). Should we do a vineyard? We don't need that much wine. Orchard? But some homemade wine would be nice. ;) How 'bout we do BOTH! Well, with months of planning and pouring over catalogs (those wonderful distractions that start coming in the darkest days of winter making you wish it were warm again even though you can't stand the heat), Dad came up with a grand plan and a step-by-step process to get to the final destination. Since it is such an undertaking, we're taking this project on in pieces, so on Saturday, the crew got almost 50 trees planted. I say 'the crew' because I was sitting in a class. On a sunny day. On a Saturday. (but it's an herb class, so I'm not complaining ^_^) 

So into the ground went the apples, pears, peaches, and... pawpaws! 
My what a wonderful spring we're having this winter! 

Mom donning her latest farmer t-shirt from the farm conference last weekend. 

And of course Susie wanted to help, but she just likes to be underfoot. So little miss had to stay on the goat side of the fence. 

Until next time!