Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arg! This be a pirate ball! P-)

Finally! I'm getting the "prime selection" of pictures from the Pirate Ball from Sept! Wow... can't you tell that I've been super busy lately... Can't you tell that they're siblings?

this is what you were greeted with when you enterd the party ship! Arg... I can't talk pirate...

Me and a very good friend! <3

Someone got a little too creative with the knife on that poor melon! =D

Pirate lasses! P-)

Please meet Chris the parakeet! He was very popular that evening

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fort Stevens Civil War Reenactment

Finally! Pictures from the Civil War Reenactment! =D
Civil War, please meet 21st century technology. What's wrong here? ;)

Adorable kid was sitting in front of me! Took the most of the opportunity! I think he wants to be with the big boys on the battle field...

Barking orders to the Confederates

shooting at the confederates

*respectful silence please*

O_o I like!

Playing Taps

Part of the Union army


The Confederate Army coming into camp to disband

Here's the Union!

Part of one of the camps. The whole thing was huge!

Disbanding the Union. Their disbanding was much more orderly than the Confederates...

Ha! I got you! and you didn't see me!

Dancing Demo! the virginia reel. Why the funny face, David?

As promised!

Just as I promised! Pictures of the newest member of our farm!!! You just want to kiss her! She's so cute! <3

The difference between the April baby and the new baby. Wow, they grow fast!

Mama and baby looking into the sunset! I still want to kiss her!