Monday, February 22, 2010

Wall Flower

As promised- here is a work from one of my classes this year. It is a Shakespearean sonnet entitled "Wall Flower" that I wrote for my British Literature class

Wall Flower

All alone along the wall she stood there

wanting to be special; it's her first ball.

She feels as if she's vanished into air;

the host stands up, beginning dance does call.

Other ladies seemed far more beautiful

although she was in his very own eyes;

the men were anything but plentiful

"What's the wrong with me?" she quietly sighs.

Attracted to her by her modest dress

He came to her; she fiddled with her hem.

Light of foot fantastic they did finesse;

her knight in armor, his treasure'd gem.

The eve'ning wore on, together entranced

om each others' arms, together they danced.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who's to say?

Maybe I'm catching spring fever early this year, maybe it's the unusually warm weather that we're having for this time of year - but for some odd reason, I want to get a fruit tree. This has never happened before, but something just blew across my face when I was going through the Raintree Nursery catalog and saw a Weeping Santa Rosa plum. Now, I've always loved ornamental trees, drapey trees, trees with something unique and special about them, but this tree is different - it bears fruit. So it's a useful decorative tree! :D It has the classic pink plum blossoms in the spring all across it wispy draping branches, and later in the year, there are lovely plums that you can go out and pick. Oh, another plus - it only gets to about 8 feet tall! So, yeah, I'm considering getting a tree now.

Monday, February 8, 2010

First "big" job

This is a size 8 girl's pioneer costume. =)

This is taken by my lit teacher - yes, the same one that bought the doll dresses for her granddaughters. One of her granddaughters has a birthday right after Christmas. =)

This is the birthday girl! <3 Apparently she wants to meet me now, and she slept in the dress the night that she got it. ;)

Can you believe that this doll dress is made completely from all of the leftover fabric from the girl's costume?


Okay, so since I've been lazy and not taking pictures of what I told you I would - I'll just get up what I got. ;) So... the paper above is some of the packaging. I guess you could say the Polish magazine was pretty exciting - especially with the "football" - the literal sense of the word "futball"

And here it is!!! at least the box...

Yes, we got a spinning wheel!!! Now we can start working down all that llama wool that's been in the attic since last spring! Just to learn how to use it... ;)