Thursday, June 27, 2013


I wanted to post this the other day.
Here come the excuses...
- I didn't have pictures
- I was whooped
- It had been an emotional roller coaster sort of day

So after enough procrastination, here's the official birth announcement!
Jill had her kids! :D :D :D 
A little black/silver boy and a black and white patched girl. 
They were born on the 25th.
Mom and Emi were at the vet; I was spending quality time with a friend at the movie theater.
It was up to Jessica and Eli who got to play midwife. ;)
As for a birth story... there's not much to tell. We'd been watching Jill for any signs that she might go into labor soon, but she was just being quiet about everything (true to her character I guess). Jessica went out to check on the pregnant goat, and there was already a baby. Jess got to help with the second.
By the time I got home from the movie, I had missed the whole thing by 30 min. Yep. Only half and hour. 

I'll stop gabbing and let you soak in the cuteness. ;)  
She is a very opinionated little girl. ;)

He's got to be the most chillaxed, contented little dude I've met. He's the kind of goat who would love being a pet. 

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