Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too many comics?

How do you tell if you read the comics too much? You build a snowman to replicate them.
Here we have the pointy-haired boss from the comic strip, "Dilbert."
Obviously we read the comics too much. ;) Gotta love home schooler snow days.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Oma visited "Mother"

Side Note: This happened last Memorial Day, but it's almost too entertaining to not share!

My sisters are part of a girls' scouting group called American Heritage Girls - it's a rebuffle to what Girl Scouts has become. I'll rant on that another time. One Memorial Day weekend, my sisters' troop went to honor veterans' graves by putting small flags on them. The cemetary we visited also happened to be a pioneer cemetary started way back when probably some of the first settlers came to our state. Walking through and reading the graves was how Oma and I entertained ourselves while the girls were all looking for the specific graves. So as we're leisurely walking along, Oma suddenly isn't walking beside me anymore. She had vanished from my side. OH, NO!!! I thought that she would break her hip or head or something traumatic-like. I look down, and Oma fell into a grave... o_O 'Mother's' grave to be precise. There was quite a hole beneath the coffin, and it gave way when Oma walked over it. Just to creep you out: you could see the foot of the coffin much farther in the hole.

So that is the story of when Oma went to visit 'Mother'
The End