About Rural Legacy

The low-down:

Day in day out, not much changes. Just the same 'ol routine. Granted, with the urban sprawling and farmland quickly being transformed into housing developments, farm life is somewhat of an odd rare-ity now, isn't it? But, just like everyone else, day in day out, we have the same schedules and routines - even though it is quite different from a suburbanite's schedule.

Every once in a while something happens that has the family talking about it for years to come. I hope to capture those moments for others and myself. Be it something stupid and crazy to awe-inspiring to just down right amazing - I truly hope to capture the moment in words and pictures if the camera is handy.

Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

As for the subtitle - Yep, I practically live in flip flops. But for those bigger jobs that require more safety gear, you can see me donning Ariat work boots. I would like to keep my feet, thank you. 

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  1. Hi, Sarah! Love your blog, and have some LOTR-inspired jewelry that I think you'd love. Where is the best place to contact you with pictures and more information? Perhaps we could do a giveaway together! :)