Friday, June 28, 2013

Building (New) Fences

A good fence makes good neighbors. Or so the mantra goes.

Beside the obvious It keeps our animals on our property, we hope that the fence will keep all animals (wild and domestic) on their respective sides. Some of the fencing is to keep Wile Coyote and his family on their side, other fencing is to keep our own animals out of areas that are off-limits to their garden-destroying tendencies.

After mapping out the property again and again, trying to figure out what we wanted and where it goes, we landed on a supposedly final plan. Well, at least, final enough to call some fencing contractors to bid the job. Yes, this job we hired out. We contemplated doing it ourselves, but after looking at how much fencing we were talking about and glancing over at our previous attempts at fencing, we decided that if we wanted something that was going to last, we'd need to hire it out.

So the fencing guys came and went, and got the job done faster than we ever could have. ;) If we were to do it, we would have hand-dug the holes for the posts. These guys brought in the heavy machinery. That's what that diabolical looking hunk of metal is. It's their time and back saving machine. It attaches to the back of their lovely green and yellow tractor and just pounds in those posts like it's no one's business. Boom. Done.

If you ever need a quality fencing job done, I highly recommend going with Northfield Fencing Co. :)

Now that all that fencing is in, it's time to get going on the grand plan for the property! :D 

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  1. Stares in awe at fencing... *thinks to self, "I wants fencing like that...* o.O

    Or I guess I'll stick with my jerry-rigged electric for the time being. LOL.

    So what is said grand plan for the property? Have I heard this story yet???