Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dinner's Ready!

 Batch #1 of our 2013 meat chicken adventure has been stashed away in the freezer. 42 Cornish roasters were loaded up into the pick-up before it got too hot on the road. A couple hours later, the nicely packaged poultry products were about as snug as they could get in the deep freeze. ;) That's the nice thing about taking the birds to the butcher instead of doing it ourselves - we take them in and get dinner back. No 'processing' on our end of things (which would take us all day, maybe even all weekend...). We just raise them.

Redneck enough?
And I would have gotten this all written up this morning, but after we got the birds sent off to meet their destiny, those of us at home did the rest of the chores and piled up a bunch of big branches from some trees we felled... I came in, ate breakfast, took a shower, and then collapsed on the couch for a good long nap. Thus is life with limping adrenals...

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