Friday, April 6, 2012

You're a Character.

Well, aren't we all? A character that is. I'm sure that there is a part of you that would certainly make an... interesting... persona in a novel of some sorts.

Then you start looking at yourself. Oh my. I can identify with parts of characters in books and such, but never have I related to an entire personality. Does that make me a character? What about my family? Those are both a rhetorical question by the way.

I'm sure people look at us (the whole clan) and say, "Wow. Those crazy G's. There they go again! What are they doing now?!" We stop to ask the tree trimmer guys working on the trees that have encroached on the power lines to see if we can have the wood chips. We can thoroughly pick apart your choice of a fancy car while crushing your ego in the process. We clear an entire area to build a shed that has a tall face. We usually have the same thought at the same time and then continue to say what we were thinking, at the same time. We haunt Craigslist for chicken butchering equipment. We tease each other relentlessly but never take it to heart. When we clean, it's usually cleaning the entire house in 5 minutes before company arrives. We can't fence to save our lives even though we have a lot of it in the 'dream farm' plan. We can quote movies out of the blue - we can even hold a conversation using movie quotes. We 'garden' if you include growing a jungle of weeds. We can even be seen chasing various animals around the property, be it fearless coyotes (I'll have to tell you that story later. I'ts  actually kinda funny), a tank of a goat (we no longer have goats, but maybe with some back massages, that will change), the 7 year-old puppy, maybe even a herd of llamas. And I'm talking about getting into rabbits. I'd love to see the scene of trying to chase a renegade rabbit! " 'No, you idiot! My hair is in your machine!' 'Oh, we only have rabbits in here. You'll find that the hare is a much larger mammal.' " - Curse of the Were-Rabbit

What inspired this post? We started describing a neighbor a 'character' and then the thought came to all of us in the car - we're characters, too, aren't we? Then Mom had Dad pull over to ask the tree trimmer dudes for their wood shavings. Yep, we're characters!


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