Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three strikes and you're... still in?

It's time for the old girls to be 'taken care of'... They've reached that certain age when they consume more than the produce. Sorry to all the urban chicken owners out there! Animals on a farm need to be useful, or they're out.

So we set a date with the butcher. But we had to reschedule for the next week because that was the only day that we could meet up with some friends from out of town. Then the girls started laying again... With quite a fervor too. It's almost as if they knew that they were destined for the freezer. The next week rolled around, and we loaded the old girls into the truck the night before their 'date'. We parked the truck in the barn to keep them warm and dry since a cold weather system was coming through. But what should happen? We got snow. Quite a bit of snow too. I'd hate to think of the mess that would be an accident with a truck full of chickens. That would not be very lovely...

As I'm writing this, I'm finding the whole scenario quite humorous in a morbid sort of way. Currently, we have not set a new time with the butcher, so the girls are safe for now. What do you think? Should we take care of them? Or try again for a later date?


  1. I thought the Constitution forbid putting someone into jeopardy twice for the same offense? And wouldn't this count as a cruel and unusual punishement?


  2. ^ They're still alive, aren't they? :P