Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Showers

One of Dad's plum trees
Can you feel it? That change in the air? Spring is coming. ^_^

Daffodils have started to share their rays of sunshine, the grasses are growing thick and green, the trees have started to leaf out, the orchard is blooming, the birds are wooing each other with songs, golly, the sun even decided to make an appearance! Being welcomed by a sunny morning makes getting out of bed that much easier. Easter this year was blissfully beautiful. I don't think I remember a time when we had a warm Easter - we always had to do the egg hunts indoors.

But then the breeze from the Southwest picks up a bit, it starts playing in your hair more, a chill gives you goose bumps. Then you see it on the horizon - a heavy, looming black cloud is working it's way up the mountain, and with it comes drama. It might bring just a drizzle, it might bear a torrential downpour, it might even deliver hail. Seeking shelter at this time is advised. The chickens are hiding under the cars, the geese are in the puddles (don't ask me why), the cats are curled up in a box, and the llamas are chilling out in the barn munching on hay. But after the storm, look for the rainbow. If gold was indeed stowed away at the end of the rainbow, everyone in this area would be rich. Despite the lack of physical riches hidden there, we are truly blessed with how many rainbows we get here, and every one of them is different.

Anyways... random thought of the day. ;) Go enjoy that sun break while you can!

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