Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Along for the ride...

That Camry that wasn't exactly driving straight today? Yeah, that was me. I was do-te-do-ing along, just going to the orthodontist. Noting new. No new trails being blazed. Just me, my brother, radio blasting, and a MOUSE?

I was turning onto the road when a fuzzy friend peeped up out of the engine air intake. :blink blink: Did I really just see that?! We had been driving for at least 20 min, stopped at a gas station, and you now decide to show up?! AAHHH!!!

In my defense - it's not every day that you see a mouse on your windshield.

At least the mouse was on the outside of the car. If it was inside, I would have probably crashed. Or made a daring and valiant effort to nonchalantly pulled over and be rid of the intruder.

Now this has me thinking... should I see what else is under the hood of my car?

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