Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homegrown Kitchen Shower

Emily's Homegrown Kitchen Shower! We (bridesmaids) wanted to create a homegrown/organic kitchen-y atmosphere to really capture the bride's personality. We had an herb/spice guessing game (the cardamom and oregano really seemed to stump people!), iris bulbs for favors, a recipe binder to add to, and even a clothesline with old linens, an apron and pictures of the happy couple hanging on it. Well, I'm going to stop chatting your ear off and let you enjoy the pictures! 

I didn't have a chalk board to play with, so I pulled the white board off the wall. ;)

Emily and her mom opening gifts

We asked guests to bring a favorite recipe to jump-start Emily's recipe binder.

A small favor for the guests. 

We were planning on using jars for drinks. Then we saw a picture on  pinterest . We had to do that. So Mom and I found some cute, on clearance trays at the store to use! Yay for pinterest! 

The bride doesn't like being the center of attention, so instead of forming a circle with all the chairs, we created a more casual, cafe' atmosphere. On each bistro table, we had various things that needed to be done for the wedding (i.e. napkin tying, favor making)
The devotion time given by Mrs. L, a very sweet neighbor

The clothesline. 

It was so gorgeous outside! We simply had to go out and get some pictures after the shower!

If this is any indicator, I predict that the pictures at the wedding will be quite, umm... goofy. 

Trouble. Right here.

Thank you to Christi for taking these wonderful photos! You can visit her website here:

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