Monday, March 5, 2012

My fan club

picture from here
I have a big fan club. A big fan club. There are about 50 members, and they haunt the front yard. Always watching me. And I can't seem to shake them. They follow me everywhere. Especially if I'm carrying a large bowl that is overflowing with food scraps to the compost pile. Oh, did I not explain... my chickens adore me. And they have associated me with free handouts. Sometimes I don't even get a step out of the garage, and I have poultry running towards me. Then I trill out the 'come and get it' chicken call, and they all come running. Have you ever seen a chicken running? It is most unnatural. Then they realize that they don't like everything that was in the compost bowl and give me a funny look as if to say, "Excuse me, ma'am, I ordered some apples and oatmeal. Not slimy lettuce. I'd like a refund." Of course, I take pity on the chickens because they just ran across the yard. I have to make the run worth it somehow. So they follow me over to the barn and wait patiently for a couple handfuls of their feed. With the girls ravenously pecking through the free meal, I'm able to continue on my work without tripping on an excited chicken.

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  1. We have about 20 chickens... it's downright creepy when they mob you! Our chickens love cheese and spaghetti the best. They firmly believe that spaghetti is worms.