Sunday, March 25, 2012


Picture credit goes to these guys
I walk out into the garage and am greeted with a happy 'Peep, peep!' They're here! We haz our bebe chickies! I don't think that I need to describe how adorable the little pompoms are since everyone and their dog knows how cute they are. Even the cats are very excited about the whole ordeal too. They like to sit on the protective barrier/lid that we put over the tub and 'supervise' the little downies from the elevated perch. Sometimes all the cats will sit above the babies. That's when I really wish that I had a camera handy.

While I was at the craft store surprising the cashier lady with how many coupons I had, Dad and some of the crew braved the Friday spring break traffic and headed the opposite direction to get the replacements for part of our current flock. Twenty-four of our chickens have reached that special age when they stopped laying, theoretically. For weeks, we've been discussing which breed(s) to get, where to get them from, how many, etc... In a strange turn of events we all ended up all agreeing on the same breeds: Buff Orpingtons, Speckled Sussex and Americanas (since we love putting green eggs into random dozens or creating an entire dozen out of green eggs just for kicks).

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