Monday, March 26, 2012

Los Dos Ganzos

Don't let their looks deceive you. They may look peaceful, graceful, dare I say, maybe even cute from a distance, but beware. Behind those innocent looks is an evil that never sleeps. They are watching, always watching, for that one moment when you will least expect the stinkers to sneak up on you. Those unblinking, blue eyes will stare at you forever.

This time of year, when Miss Goose is either soon to be laying her eggs or is currently sitting on the nest, the goose AND the gander get mean. And when I say mean, I truly and honestly mean mean. She will either be cheering on the dude and won't be quiet or biting him to get him out of the way so that she can get at the 'intruder' (aka - me) who dares approach within eyesight of her egg-less nest. I was on the other side of the barn for crying out loud! Not even intending to come near the nest, but no. The annoying couple would not hear of it. While she was going for my legs and feet, he went for my hand and got it. They go after my brother who conveniently had a stick, but that didn't deter them at all. You can stick your foot next to the fence, and they will bite your shoe through the wire mesh.
There are not many things that I loathe in life. But geese are on that black list. Right next to alpacas. Geese have a place in this life, slathered in gravy. But these two are pets. So they are here to stay until further notice. Maybe I should carry around a rake or pitchfork. They seem to be scared of those.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! I was once backed into a corner by a few angry mama geese, and probably would have been eaten alive had Cait not intervened. :)