Sunday, September 2, 2012

1860's in the 21st Century

We trekked up to Astoria once again to go to the annual Fort Steven's Civil War reenactment. 

Found perch, will shoot. I love this view. 

Don't mess with this guy's dinner. He is taking his post very seriously

If only the cooler and Pepsi machine weren't in the picture!...

Red coat?

I heard that the whole weekend was like this. 

Being cool. As usual. 

Men standing around their guns. Probably talking about their guns too. ;) 


There were so many of these gorgeous horses! I think I have horse envy... 

Working hard or hardly working? No they're not dead. 


I found the 4th!

Would you want to cross paths with a bagpiper with a kilt and eye patch?

Union clears their guns

And the Confederates clear their guns

Well, aren't you the cutest little prairie girl?

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