Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family History

After going to the reenactment, I got the family history bug (and the sewing bug, but I'll have to fill you in on that later). I pulled out every family history book that we had, poured over facts and tidbits that have been collected, and pulled everything out of my mom's old trunk looking for letters from my Great-great Grandma Florence detailing their trip across the Oregon Trail. The notes were written in pencil and had faded over the years. I was determined to figure out what was in those letters. I couldn't find them...

But I did find another little gem - a note that my Great-Grandma Karmona had written for my mom who was writing a paper for school about Native Americans. Why would my great-grandma write about Native Americans? Why don't you read and find out. :)

I give you the copy of my mom's final report:

"My Grandma's name is Karmona and I asked her one day where she had gotten her name. She told me - from her Great Great Uncle who was named as they crossed the country in wagon trains. One night as they stopped to camp and have supper Grandma's Great Great uncle started to cry as he was only 2 days old, and as they went to see what was the matter - there was a band of friendly Indians coming back from a hunting trip as they came into the camp the chief made motions. He wanted to see the white baby and when he was brot(sic) he named him, his name which was "Karmonyak" so as long as it was a nice name he kept it and that's where my grandma got her name"

Pretty cool, huh?

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