Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet the Herd: Jill

... Or should I say, 'Jill the pill'... This goat's got 'tude. Looks-wise, she reminds me of our Nubian/Boer cross that we had years ago. Personality-wise, she's just as set in her ways.

Okay, I'm only referring to when she's in the milk stanchion. When you're sitting out there with them, she'll stand there waiting patiently for a head and neck massage. She really is a sweet girl. It's when she's in the milk stanchion; she's a completely different goat. It all started when we took her kid away. She wasn't very happy about that. :lays down in stanchion: That was several months ago, and she's still ticked off. This goat knows how to hold a grudge. We've had to resort to putting a bucket underneath her so she won't lie down, but it's kinda hard to milk a goat when there's a bucket in the way. Ah, c'est la vie.

PS - As part of our goat spa-day routine, we include beard trimming. None of our girls have beards now. Girls shouldn't have beards... ;)

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