Friday, September 7, 2012

Have Your Bug and Eat It Too

We were hot. We were tired. We were cleaning out and sorting the freezers. 
Lo-and-behold, we found the beetle.  
And yes, he has a story behind his frozen stasis.
We were coming home late one night from a friend's house after worship practice. We were tired, in desperate need of some zzz's, and had a bad case of the giggles. Jess was coming through the garage with her cello on her back, and this beetle was smack dab in the middle of the walkway. She thought that it was something else until it started hissing at her after she passed it. Swinging around to see what was making the noise, she tipped over all the bikes with her cello case. Needless to say, my brother thought that the whole scene was hilarious, so he decided to preserve the bug. Well, we need the freezer space for the many, many chickens that need a cold resting place, so the bug had to relinquish his space and jar. Time to say bye-bye to buggy. 
Flash forward to this afternoon...
I'm sitting in my room and Jess comes in, "Sarah, where's your camera?"
A couple minutes later she comes in again, "I need help getting this picture."
She wanted to immoralize this bug with a picture. She had a place setting all laid out, it just needed some sprucing up. And they needed help figuring out the camera. :evil laugh: 
With Jacob holding up a table cloth as a backdrop to hide the messy kitchen, old linens pulled out, we grabbed a champagne glass and a rose to finish it all off. Now for the piece-de-resistance! 
The beetle. 
With garnish. 
Is this what I really ordered?

We could probably start a restaurant with insect delicacies. 


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