Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mountain Music

It's an antique store that I can be found haunting quite frequently. There's something there for everyone in my family - old military gear, linens, dishes, architectural pieces, books, etc, etc, etc. It's a treasure hunt for everyone! Every time I go in, this little lap dulcimer is sitting in the exact same spot, begging to be played. I pluck a few of the out-of-tune strings; I tweak them just a bit to make them sound a little better. I tell myself, if it's there next time, I'll consider. I resisted, again and again.

I finally decided to get the dulcimer. I needed something new. So I loaded up whoever wanted to adventure at the antique store and headed off. There it was - still sitting. And it's MINE! It's my precious. Okay, I'll stop. As I meandered through the store cradling the dulcimer in my arm, a lady asked me if I was buying it. Me: "Why, yes! [insert big smile]" Other Gal: "Oh, I guess that teaches me to put something down! [laugh]" As I was paying for my new toy, the gentleman at the cash register commented on how many people look a the instrument, but never actually materialized their interest.

Well, sir, this instrument is going to get some much needed love. I'll take it into the music shop in town to get it in perfect working order, and then I'm going to learn me some mountain music on my dulcimer. :)

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