Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Adventures 2012

Well, we're going to embark on a new adventure. Dwarf Nigerians will be joining the farm family this year. Their sole purpose of life: give us milk. Yep, the caprines will be expected to be useful around here and haul their own weight so to speak (even though they're about 60ish pounds when fully grown.) 

The discussion the last several weeks has really focused on, "Should we bring the cow home?" Miss Mattie is such a wonderful producer, and her milk is so creamy! It's going to be hard to let that go, but if there's little goats frolicking around, I think we'll all get over that. Some members of the clan were adamant that they didn't want a cow around. Understandable. You know that there are dog people and cat people? There also seems to be goat people and cow people. Apparently we're goat people. I can't wait to bring these little guys home!  

Jake. A handsome little stud muffin. His momma has wonderful udder formation, so hopefully his kids will too. 

My sister and Miss Luna. Luna's going to move here about July when she's ready to leave her momma.

Mister Eli out in our friend's goat pasture. Soon, very soon, our fields will look like this too! :D

Attack of the mini goat! Just kidding. Ooh, bad pun. Pun was not intended there. :P

And one of our friend's little girl, Vanessa. She's such a little farm girl. I love the tie-die with the plaid. Totally stylin' there!


  1. *Squee!* I am so excited for you guys! I know you'll love your little pint-sized goat pals! ;)

    But, thou art forgetting to tell us one very important factor as you embark on this adventure: BLOODLINES!! C'mon, you can't show me adorable pictures of Nigerians and leave me wondering as to what their pedigrees are!!!! (and yes, one day you too will succumb to an extent of this obsession in which you prefer to see a pedigree than a picture. Hehe.)

    So, when do the hooves officially land? :)

  2. I will be sure to take full advantage of the 'Jake' ambiguity.