Thursday, May 17, 2012

Behind the scenes, bloopers and outtakes

Being in a wedding entails many things. New dress, new shoes, fancy hair, etc... but one of the never mentioned consequences of agreeing to be in a wedding is all the, umm... flattering pictures that people will get of you. It also helps when the videographer knows you and seems to stalk you with his camera. Just saying... ;) 

There were at least four cameras clicking away during the photo session. Which one to look at. Hmm...

Times be a-changin'

The bridesmaids were not the only ones to be trouble makers.

Wait, did I miss some lint on his suit?

Brothers... What can I say?

It would've been priceless if in focus. :P

There must have been something on the ground or we were looking at our boots.

Don't worry! Only a lot more pictures to go!

My bubbles. They be gone.

You want us to go where

Leap frog

Say what?

The guardians of the candle lighters. Don't mess with them.

And for the piece-de-resistance!

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