Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ocho huevos

She's sitting on a grand total of eight eggs. In the middle of the barn. Well, not really the middle, but they think that they own the place. With two grouchy, territorial geese diligently guarding the filled nest, doing anything in the barn has become a 007 adventure. We sneak around, close doors, lock gates, and hide behind things, all to avoid them. Should you get caught, oh my, I pity the poor soul who gets stuck in that situation. The garden hoe is not a suitable weapon of choice because it snags onto things that you didn't want snagged (think: stuck under the gate while the goose is charging you).

Not even the chickens are exempt from the harassment. Kevin decided that the goose nest was a perfect place to lay her eggs. Chickens are not always the brightest bulbs. Being very persistent, Kevin continued to try to lay in the nest despite loud objections from mamma goose. Trying to hold back two vicious geese and push the chicken away, my mom had her hands full (with goose necks that is). The back barn door was open to allow the breeze to blow through, and the dividing gate was ajar - and in comes the llama herd. Not only was she protecting the chicken, mom had to keep the llamas contained as well, all while her hands were full of noisy neck handles. "SARAH!" Uh-oh... What'd she get herself into this time? Once we quarantined the camelids, we had to find a new place for silly Kevin to lay her eggs. Being our special little barn chicken, the pile of straw in the corner (out of sight from the geese) was perfect. As soon as we put her in her new nest, she laid her egg right away and proceeded with whatever it is chickens do.

So... We are expecting the children of evil to joining us soon. Do you want some goslings? They're pretty gosh darn cute when they're little...

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  1. OOOOOH, I would LOVE to have some little goslings when/if they hatch!!! Maybe a duo or trio would be good... ;) I like the ornery birds, even though most sane folks don't. LOL.