Friday, May 25, 2012

Entropy and Chain Reactions

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When you overcrowd poultry or they see a molecule of blood, they go cannibalistic on each other. Not joking. There is a dark side of chickens that isn't always talked about in those nice little backyard bird books. So, there I am, building a makeshift brooder divider out of fruit packaging from last summer's bounty and masking tape, and Mom is smearing what we lovingly call 'bum balm' on a poor victim. The grand opening of this year's chick ER was short lived though - we found another patient. Leave it to all those little boys... they just beat each other up. Off to the ER with you! After your slathering of the rooster booster, of course.

After we get the birds all settled in, Mom headed out to run some errands, and I was cleaning myself up from  chicken adventures (when you have a lot running around, you run into weird things apparently...), Eli, the mini-man, bursts in through the door, "Sarah, the gate latch is broken!" Say, what? The shoes go back on, and we headed back out to inspect the damage. We almost had a llama stampede. They see an opportunity to make a run for it, and they seize it. Eli held the gate shut as I headed to the barn to get some twine to tie the gate shut (it's amazing all the things you can do with that stuff). I opened the back barn door, snuck past mamma goose, and found some twine, just as Eli shouts, "LLAMAS!" Oy vey. I didn't close the back door. In comes llama stampede. And the front doors were wide open. That could have been lovely... While trying to get the llamas shooed back to where they belong, one of them decided to walk through the goose fence, and she promptly tripped over it and bent it. Being the stoic llama that she is, she nonchalantly got up and proceeded to join the rest of the herd in the stall, uninjured despite her fall.

I did another run through and checked on everybody, just in case - they all seemed good for now.

All that said - I should probably go inspect everyone, again. ;)
Until next time!

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