Friday, August 7, 2009

Catching an even greater glimpse of God's creation!

*Sigh...* I just had one of the most amazing weeks ever! Some friends invited me to join them and another family on a trip to the Wallowas in Eastern Oregon! I created an album of most of the pictures I got on Facebook and there's so many I couldn't muster the patience to upload only a few select ones onto here, so here's a link!
We brought some horses with us and went trailriding almost every day for a week! (the only day we didn't ride was when we went on a hike) The best trail riding spot (in my opinion) is the hunting reserve (but we didn't see any animals. Isn't that coincidental?). The worst was the trail (or should I say trial?) to Aneroid Lake. One of the horses decided that she didn't want to get her feet wet in a creek that went down the trail, so she jumped up onto a rocky burm that was on the side that dropped into a river/ravine. The rider jumped ship only to land in the rocky terrain on the ground and almost get stepped on as the horse turned around back into the creek. We only made about 2 miles up a 6 mile trail. The whole trail was narrow, two-way, dusty beyond breathing (think Oregon Trail on this one, k?), treacherously rocky, and the horses were beginning to get extremely sore legs and feet. Let's just say we were done with horses for the rest of the day when we got back to the cabin.

Another memorable highlight of the trip was conquering that same trail on foot. It's 12 miles round trip and the first two miles are very steep, and jagged rocky. I ditched the walking stick very early on... ;) Once you got past the first 2 miles then you walked across alpine meadows. *Sigh* It was well worth the excruciating pain. You come around a corner in the meadow, and there it is! Anaroid Lake! You walk quickly down to the dock and kick off your sweaty shoes and socks and stick your feet in the water. I must say, I was in absolute bliss. Then my stomach started complaining at me. I hadn't eaten breakfast since we had gotten up at 6 to get on the trail early. Out come the home dried strawberries and bananas! The nice thing about them is that they're light enough to pack up the trail and offer enough sustanance to get you back down the mountian!
The rest of the week was spent boating, fishing (I never did do that though ;D), more trail riding, shopping, socializing, watching the thunder showers etc. I will definately go back. <3


  1. shoulda brought me along!
    I love the mountains!

  2. =) I'd have to say, though, that I missed everyone back here at home...

  3. Sounds like y'all had fun!! Except for the horses.... ;) Why do they (the horses that is) always do that? All you want is a nice little ride and they pull some sort of stunt along the way.

    The pictures are beautiful (as usual), I'll have to put that place on my "need-to-visit-someday" list. :D


  4. Just make sure that you talk to the locals about the best trails for hiking and riding! (They know just that much more than those silly tourists! ;D The lady who owned the stable that we boarded the horses seemed to really know the area. She's the one who gave us directions to a ski slope/lift and the hunting reserve!)

  5. You're right, what a gorgeous place! Amazing for E Oregon. Wish I could have gone, too...