Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Seasons Come and Go...

Isn't if funny how you can get into the groove of something so much that it becomes almost second nature and then, out of the blue, something gets in there to kink the whole process? That is almost how it is with farm work... When the weather's fair and comfortable, you don't think about the chores very much until you get hit with some freakish weather that makes the whole process screech to a halt or makes you cringe with the thought of doing anything.
That's how it is with all this insane amount of heat in the area right now...
When most people are retreating inside with the AC units, we (my family and me) are all out trying to make sure that the animals have enough cold water and are comfortable enough to withstand the heat. We hose down the llamas, spray the chickens (they hate it, but it's for their own good!), hose ourselves down and continue with the work.
The opposite was true this last winter when we had more than 3 feet of snow... We just had to dig trails through ice, wind, and snow to get to the barn and chicken coop. With the power out we only had the fireplace for heat and the generator for a few commodities. We spent minimal time outside because it would take way to long to warm up again to be safe...
It truly is amazing how 6-7 months ago we were in below freezing temperatures. Now it's touching the triple digits... XP
Stay cool and drink lots of water!

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