Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just the beginning...

Some friends and I traveled to several lavender farms in the area for the Lavender Festival! <3> Us in a lavender field. By this time we were getting drowsy from the lavender, I think! ;D

Lavender fields are probably some of the most beautiful things in the world! *sigh*

Why hello, Miss Bumblebee!

Okay, so we stopped at a nearby wool shop! =D I spun for the first time! and I sucked...

Okay, so it's not lavender, but it's so gorgeous! I had to post it!


  1. That was a fun day....

    And you did not suck when you spun! You did great! After all, it was your first time and you were on a wheel. Wheels are challenging to begin on.


  2. it was fun! definately need more practice though... i need to pay you for the spindles still.