Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Signs of Summer

1. You refuse to wear anything on your feet except flip-flops. The only exceptions are your riding boots and dancing shoes (which might even be your flip flops!)
2. You feet are stained with dust. Not joking!
3. You've tried everything on the shelf, but you still can't find relief from the sunburn.
4. You forgot what color your skin was before the sun decided to kiss it. (I really see no problem with that as long as it's not red...)
5. The hammock is calling you!
6. You can make dinner in a matter of minutes. Icecream, popcorn, and salad. Maybe something bbq-ed...
7. You have to eat fruit over the sink because it's just so juicy! <3
8. You can't imagine life without the window open all the time (except for when the AC is on, but that's not working really well...)
9. The kitchen gets seriously abused with all of the seasonal produce being stowed away for the deep winter months. Who can be thinking about snow when Mr. Sunshine is around?
10. Your idea of a work out is gardening, hiking, trail riding, etc. Forget about a gym membership...
11. You don't know what day it is... lost your sense of time in the hammock a while ago
12. You really want a ride in a convertable
13. Another siesta is very appealing right now
14. You have a stack of books waiting to be read in the hammock, if you can keep your eyes open long enough to read them!
15. You work your schedule around how hot it's going to be that day
16. Your bedroom is showing signs of neglect because you've been outside most of the time
17. You start developing a farmer's tan again. Oops!
18. Nothing is more calming as a breeze on a summer evening
19. Your turn! *fill in the blank*


  1. I love it! :D

    No flip- flops here though! I don't wear shoes very often. ;D What can I say? I was raised in the south! Going barefoot is the BEST!

    Vitamin D overdose? It wouldn't be summer without it! I finally gave up on store bought burn relief stuff, they never seemed to work. Instead I use straight lavender essential oil. Instant relief for hours! :)


  2. you get madder than usual when you go out in the sun.

    trust me, for whatever reason, I get mad when I'm to hot.

    I know, I'm weird. LOL

  3. I thought of another one while milking this evening... Your 4 year-old brother who has hated any sight of water is becoming a water baby thanks to one of the cheapy plastic pools at bi-mart!

    @ Caity: I should try that! My sunburn finally decided to blister and peel this afternoon. Let's just say the shower didn't help one bit...

  4. besides getting mad, I generally drink lots of Tang, and go down to the creek