Thursday, August 21, 2014

Herb Garden: Furnishing

No, that did not read 'finishing.' I'm still a LONG way from that. Then again, is a garden ever 'finished?' 

A long while ago, we were out antiquing (yes, we like to do that), and we spotted this table set that had a lot of potential. Granted, the paint had all been chipped off, the seats didn't have any sort of covering, and the glass table top was rather... opaque. It was a diamond in the rough. Some spray paint later, it was stored in the basement until we actually got the herb garden in, and there it sat for many years. 
Now that we have the pergola up, I thought, 'Hey, we could bring that out of its dark cavern and actually use it while we're out in the garden!' I just needed to cover the seats. Oddly enough, Joann's was having a sale on outdoor fabric. BOOM! Some left over batting, gorgeous teal striped fabric, and a staple gun later, I had a completed table set. The table top just needed a rag and some rinsing. 
And now we have somewhere to sit in the shade while...hardly working. :P

Until next time!

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