Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Fever

Lots of flower starts!
 Something inside of me rebels whenever it gets cold and wet again after we've had a few days of warm weather. But everyone else in the country is able to get their gardens in! Meanwhile we're still swimming in the swamps. But there is a way to get start curing the gardening bug while it's raining cats and dogs out there - you cheat. You whip out the heating pads and a 'greenhouse light' to get things started in the house.

My sister has also been anxious to get things in the ground also. But she's not that into veggie gardens; green food is something to be avoided, given to the livestock, or snuck onto someone else's plate. She grows flowers. And she's way ahead in the game than I am. Her flowers have already sprouted, and there isn't a veggie start to be seen anywhere.

 But that's about to change. Dad got the bug when going through seed catalogs from local sources and ordered tons of seeds. I'm not exaggerating here. I guess we're going to be serious about our veggie garden this year.  

Well, the seeds came in the mail; now we're just waiting for a good day to get the ground prep done. And we're also needing to get some fencing in since the chickens would have a field day otherwise. I'm sure there's something else that I'm missing on the to-do list that takes priority. 

Soon. Very soon. We'll get those seeds in the ground. Then we hope that there will be veggie sprouts. And a certain someone will 'forget' to water them. ;)

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