Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is It Tasty?

We've been trying to figure out how to get all the goats all of their herbal dewormer in a sane, easy way. The bag has been sitting on the counter for goodness knows how long now - starting at us. Taunting us. Telling us we don't know what the heck we're doing. After much self-pep-talk and mulling over, Mom and I finally dug in and gave it a try. We did the math for how much all of the critters on the farm needed (that included the dog, cats, llama, chickens, and goats). We did the medicine balls accordingly. The ooey-gooey, brownie like things sat on the counter as we contemplated out next move and tried to convince the first cat that it was just molasses (She didn't buy it, by the way... she much preferred the meat that we were cooking up for lunch). The dewormer bars weren't even on the counter for more than 5 minutes, and Jake and Jess had both come through and thought about eating the 'treats.' At least we were able to stop them in time. Eli on the other hand... well... He came running through after the initial, "You don't want to eat that." So he missed the entire bit. He had a 'brownie' in his mouth in a flash, and he spat it out even faster. "What is that?! That's disgusting!" It's for the goats, kiddo. "Are they okay for humans?" Yeah... It's just an herbal mixture you'd get if you had worms, and you didn't swallow anything. So you're all good.

To prevent any further human consumption or mishaps, we headed out with our plate of goat tasties to see if we could tempt the goats with them as easily as we did Eli.

They didn't dig 'em. At all. Just a couple sniffs, and they were on the other side of the barn. Except for Morgan, who will eat just about anything. She downed her dose and made a move for seconds. We still had a plate full of noms... The turkeys weren't so easily convinced. The cats wouldn't have anything to do with it. The only animals that ate (and enjoyed) their treats were the chickens (after we mixed in some oats and seeds), the llama, Morgan (but you knew that already), and the dog. Yeah. The dog. She loved dewormer snacks.

We still needed to get the goats their doses. So we headed in to try a different mixture. They like nut butter and apples. Maybe they won't notice if we add in some extra ingredients... They were on to us before we even walked in the barn. And snubbed it from the far corner.

Did we learn anything from this? Ehh... I think Eli did. ;)

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