Monday, December 24, 2012

Deck the Halls!

This year's Christmas decorating ideas are brought to you by Pinterest
This was the tree that was on the front porch. But come the first strong gust... well, let's just say that it was quickly brought into the house. ;) Perfect size for the porch, a bit big for the living room. 

Our solution for displaying Christmas cards. :) 

We even got a hand-signed by all the employees Christmas card from our local farm store. Does that tell you how often we go there? :D

Our neighbor brought over arm-loads of holly. It ended up in just about every corner we could cram it in. ;) Then we shared the rest with some friends. There was that much holly. 

If you go through the pinterest board, you'll see inspiration for this. ;) 

And the cat helped too. He supervised. 

That tree. I want to climb it. 

"My brother is guessing his presents." -Eli's self-caption.

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