Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Hobby

My parents said that I was being hard to shop for. Having a birthday close to Christmas has its pros and cons. What? I gave them a list with Hobbit Lego on it. There's nothing wrong with that -  an adult wanting legos... Just as we were finishing that conversation, Jake brought in the mail with the local gun club newsletter with a little blip about an upcoming archery class. Dad didn't believe that anyone would want to go. :raises hand sheepishly: I would. :) So we went to the now not-so-little archery shop to get a certain someone's (ahem - your's truly's) birthday present. We got the wrist brace, arrows, finger tabs, targets... the bow. ^_^ 

A gorgeous 62-inch, 35 lb pull Samick Sage. 

[Gollum voice]My precious[/Gollum voice] 
It's really easy to do a Gollum imitation when a frog has taken up residence in your throat. Anyways...

Dad told the guy at the shop that I had farm arm... Thanks... So the employee strung the bow (with great ease) and handed it to me to test. Then he had me string and unstring it myself. Oof... Yoga is not my thing. I'm going to have to do some bowflex to be able to really enjoy playing with this thing. But a little muscle building wouldn't hurt. ;) 

But lo - with all this cold weather, we've been using up straw like no other. So I don't have anything to shoot into. 
We will change that tomorrow. 

The cat on my bed is obviously completely unawares of what he decided to sit next to. He isn't worried at all. 

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