Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turkey Talk

We've done turkeys before. The first year we tried to free range great whites. Bad idea. They grow so fast that their legs can't support the weight. Then they end up just sitting there with their faces planted in the food dish. Such American birds... The next time around we gave broad breasted bronze a chance. The only issue that arose - we had to use the saws-all to cut the carcass just to fit it in the turkey roaster since the toms grew to be 40 pounds each (and we had 4 toms and 1 hen. The boys duked it out over the girl... I sense trouble). This year, we're trying out a heritage breed - Bourbon Reds.

I've always like turkeys. Despite their dorky, almost dinosaur-like mannerisms. (I think I've been hanging out with the mini-man. I'm starting to compare everything to dinosaurs!) Maybe I like them because they're dorky. Who knows? 

But these birds, they're even more turkey than the turkeys that we've done before. Before we shut them into the pasture, they roamed around the house, derping and trilling in their own special sort of way, and sitting in all the landscaping. No more! Get those turkeys off the porch! Shoo them off the deck! They leave a mess and destruction in their wake, and there's 12 of them. So after some shuffling, they ended up staying in the pasture with the walnut tree and llama. They :really: liked the walnut tree. So much so that they decided that it would be their new roost. They would climb up to the deck, hop up onto the rail, and fly into the walnut tree. Well, that lasted for about two weeks until they decided that they liked the deck railing more. NOOOO!!! 

Well, things were reshuffled, and the turkeys have been contentedly enjoying their new pasture with a rock pile. Yeah, they like to roost on that now. :P 

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