Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a Kombucha Mushroom.

A long, long while ago, we watched this cute Kid Snippets about health food. Maybe we thought it was funny because there were so many points that rung true. :shrugs: One of the lines that we constantly quote is, "It's dreen. Why is it dreen?" The other blip that gets tossed around frequently is the kombucha blip, and for good reason. We have the mushrooms sitting on the counter. I'd like to introduce you to Phil and Baby Phil.
Bonus points to whoever can catch the reference(s) in the names of our SCOBYs

And what does SCOBY stand for? Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast

Mmmm! Want some?

We originally had several mason jars of the SCOBYs, and they were all numbered (in our heads anyway). The only issue with that rotational system of kombucha consumption and fermentation is that, for a really odd reason, we couldn't keep the numbers straight, so the SCOBY colonies each got a name. And they all tasted weird. Except for Phil. Phil is our favorite. ;) Then Phil had a baby! Phil is a girl? :shrugs: Okay. Once Phil's baby had grown independent enough to live on its own, that SCOBY also got it's own jar. Eventually, we got to the point where we only drank kombucha from these two colonies. All the others stayed on their place up on the refrigerator, culturing away. 

The other day, Mom found GIANT jars for Phil and his family. It's now time to start this cranking through this kombucha making process. The ultimate goal is to not need to buy anymore from the store; you can buy an entire box of tea (kombucha fodder is essentially sweet tea) for the price of a small-ish bottle of the fermented tea. 

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