Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Farm Girl Got Geek: Captain America

 Captain America is probably one of my favorite superheroes. Okay, he isn't just 'probably' he is my favorite superhero, and I can't wait until Winter Soldier comes out next spring. In the meantime...
My mostly completed Capt. A outfit.
Dress: An old sheet from my stash that someone gave me. I cut out the pieces, did a couple of seams, painted, painted a second coat, then sewed the rest of the dress together. The belt is a $1 find from the thrift store. Inspiration from here
Shield: It's only duck tape and cardboard. Woot! I found the tutorial on Instructables
Boots and glasses: Purchased at store. Nothing exciting there. 
All I need now is to make some red spats and find some red gloves.  

And my lovely sister made an amigurumi Captain America for me! 
Want one for yourself? You can purchase the pattern and download it instantly on Etsy!

I'll let Loki wrap things up for me: 

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