Saturday, October 13, 2012

40 Years?!

Mom was skimming through a 'barnyard in your backyard' sort of book. Why she was looking at the chapter on geese, I know not. Then, out of the blue, she said, "Did you know that geese can live about 40 years?" Oh, you should have heard the groans that erupted. Forget whatever was on the TV, we all had the sudden epiphany that we'd be stuck with the ornery couple for the next several decades. Emily lit up, of course. Dad commented on how they would move out with her, even if she's in an apartment.

I mentioned the factoid on facebook. The reactions? "Ohhhhhhhh SNAP." "I've heard that geese are tasty." The comments kept rolling in. One of my friends even temporarily changed his profile picture to a large white goose. I guess I made his day with that tidbit.

PS - Whatever happened to the offspring units? We posted them on Craigslist. The first person to respond to the ad was someone who was wanting geese for his pond. Sweet. Please, take them all! But no, we still have Father and Mother Goose cruising the yard. My sister got a pretty penny for those goslings too. She's thinking that she has the makings of a small business here. I told her that she should start paying for feed since the geese are obviously staying around for a while. ;)

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