Monday, September 5, 2011

Fairy Tales and Happy Endings

Once upon a time... 
There was a princess whose name was Laura. She waited and waited for her Prince Charming to come, but it was many long years before she even laid eyes on him. Once she 'met' Sir Robert, it was love before first sight. He first had to approach her father. A frightening task for any brave man - especially since Princess Laura was the king's only daughter! Slaying many dragons to prove himself to the king, Sir Robert gained the king's approval. Their love for each other blossomed every day, and after a while, he proposed to his lady amidst fields of tulips. Their wedding day was celebrated by everyone who knew them. And what a day it was!

Their closest friends gathered to help, encourage, and support the couple during their engagement and the wedding festivities.

The procession - beautiful. simple. elegant. perfect.

As they said their vows, the church was silent to hear every word of this special moment. "With this ring, I thee wed..."

And the kiss. Who can forget the kiss?
The Princess Bride in all her glowing beauty

The talented princess also made her own bouquet complete with roses, larkspur, and rosemary. 

The cake was a sight to behold! (and a taste to behold). An expertly crafted, edible masterpiece made from vanilla cake with pieces of candied ginger. Oh what bliss! 

Of course the bridal party had fun. 

The bouquets for her ladies-in-waiting were simple and sweet - dried lavender wrapped in a ribbon with pearls along one side

The entire bridal party looking quite like a certain famous painting

What kind of party would it be without a feast fit for a king?

The first dance - how sweet it was!

 Festive lanterns hung from the ceiling of the ballroom

  It was quite the celebration!

And they lived happily ever after... 

For better pictures, see this

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