Tuesday, June 21, 2011


With everything going on around here, I haven't a whole lot of time to blog... or keep my promise to give you a better glimpse of my latest Regency dress.

v detailing of the embroidery on the sleeve
But how boring would normal 'here's the dress' pictures? So a friend and I got together, grabbed her brother with the really nice camera, and headed outside to take some pictures. :)

Umm... yeah. This can either be 'da smirk' or 'you can't be serious' or an Emma Woodhouse expression.

Yep. This is us and our personalities shining through.

Shiny! Feather! Flower!
Then we quickly changed into our more summery dresses and headed back outside. I couldn't help but drag her along for some time on the trampoline. :)

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