Monday, May 23, 2011


So, now that I have been released from my oath to silence and have some time to fill you in on some very important details from our "Epic May Ball Prank"... I guess it's time to blog it and share it with the whole world.

To get some sense of what we did... See this movie.

To explain what the heck is going on...

Last September, we went on a camping trip - in the pouring rain. As harmless as it seemed, I think Sonia seriously wounded Nathan's pride by sticking rubber duckies in front of him while blaring the rubber duckie song (you do remember the rubber duckie song, right?). He took his time to retaliate.

The master plan consisted of a secret dance society and the main demo dance group (two people had no clue what was about to happen to them). We met secretly while working on the dance to help Nathan know the dance. He was going to switch in the middle with Daniel and dance with Sonia. (Side note: Nathan made it quite clear to everyone that he would never dance.)

So we practiced in secret while also trying to appear clueless when we practiced with the main demo group. Quite interesting I must say. And there were several times that someone also spilled the beans. No one caught on though.

The night of the ball arrived. The demo team was ready. The switch had been practiced to perfection and was executed perfectly. The faces of the two people who had been left in the dark were absolutely priceless. Actually, I think that their jaws hit the floor for a moment. Meanwhile the rest of us had to try to keep the dance together even though we were all about to burst into laughter (keep in mind, we were still 'performing').

All in all, it was taken quite well. Humorously in fact. We shall see what becomes of the prank war.

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