Monday, May 23, 2011

Right on Cue

Right on Cue

All of it has led up to this moment-

All the late nights,

All the practicing,

All the secrecy.

It has all led up to this moment-

Walking out onto the dance floor.

There's the signal; honor your partner

The music begins

Nervous butterflies have multiplied exponentially -

So many people are watching...

Musn't miss a step, musn't miss a cue.

Centered in the ballroom under the chandelier,

We continue on despite distrations.

All of this work, fine-tuning, perfecting -

I can't blow it all to the wind now -

I must continue on.

Be sure to breathe,

Be sure to not be sturn or serious;

Graceful should be my movements.

I am dancing - this is what I love to do -

I just haven't danced in an environment quite like this before.

I must continue on; it will be over in an instant.

I can't back out now; I must finish the dance.

All right on cue...

-SG 5/21/11

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