Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm surrounded!

By roosters, that is. ;) We have over 50 chickens running around right now, and several of them are roosters. No, we are not raising fighting cocks (most of these will be 'taken care of' in less than a week), the hens fight more than the roosters. That shouldn't surprise you. ;) But every morning when I open up the barn doors, dozens of poultry come running our and all of the roosters start giving it their all. From the tiniest 8" bantie to the 7 1/2 lb. lunker start crowing with all their might. Every rooster has his individual crow, almost to the point where we can tell the difference between them. Come butchering next week, things will get very quiet. Now, don't take it the wrong way when I say that I'm looking forward to butchering. I'm not morbid. But I am looking forward to actually getting things cleaned up around here.

Having so many chickens can be quite destructive. They sneak into the garden, tear up the flower beds, peck dents and dings into the pumpkins (I promise you, they'll taste better AFTER they've turned orange. :roll:), they make messes everywhere they go, ect.

So yes, I am looking forward to butchering, just not the actual deed.

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