Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting ready!

Last Octocer, my family graciously hosted what was the result of some long car rides and giddy girls with lofty thoughts. Dancing, pies, pumpkins, friends, full moon, crisp autumn chill, more pies, more dancing, and some bonfire singing made the evening absolutely perfect. My family and I were completely whooped by the end of the party, but it was oh so worth it! Now every time it comes up in a conversation, people ask me if we'll do it again. And all I could answer then was maybe, I hope so. Well, the parents have given the go-ahead and it's on it's way! The harvest party that people compared to something that was stuck in the movies or old books is coming again this year!

Now it's time to make the final plans, make lists, and get the final emails out!

The dance floor
I can't wait!!!

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